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Garage Plans By Behm Design – PDF Garage Plans and Blueprints

Thank you for visiting us in your search for Garage Building Plans. Garage Plans By Behm Design are produced to highest design standards with a vast selection of styles, sizes and configurations making it easy to find your perfect garage plans. There’s no need to flip through an endless scroll of over 300 garage designs – just select a category from the list below – then you can easily scan the images and sizes available. Click the one you would like to see and the display of that particular design will present the information you need to make selection or compare. You can also click and print the product display page.

Behm Design plans are ready-to-use (for most locations) to estimate building cost, apply for building permit and build the garage. You can buy either a package of 4 copies of the paper Garage Plans set or the PDF Garage Plans download if that serves your purposes better. The plans are drawn to current codes used in most states to the parameters most often required.

Our garage designs are often based on customers’ requests and suggestions over many years. Below the garage categories list there is a view slider showing some of our most popular plans. With many years of design development and time tested garage plans you can be assured of the quality of our products with our 100% money-back guarantee.

We have sold garage stock plans online since the 1990s. (We are not a broker-site selling plans made by a wide range of designers and drafters – there are no middle-men, no inflated pricing) All of the garage plans are designed and drawn by professionally trained, architectural degreed designer, Jay Behm, with over 25 years of building design experiences, and built examples all over the US and Canada – and the garage plans are sent directly to you. All of our plans use Light Wood Frame Construction with Standard concrete floors and foundations.

In this web site you will quickly be able to find lots of designs and garage plans information.

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